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Arlax Incorporated - The full logistics solution

Arlax is a fully fledged South African-based technology company focused on providing simplicity and efficiency to the logistics sector. Arlax is an immensely lean and scalable business model which is designed to resolve challenges in the logistics sector on a global scale.

Arlax undertakes the service of providing suppliers of FMCG, mining, general cargo and containerised cargo with credible, reliable and premium quality transporters to ensure time-efficient and cost-effective distribution.

The web-based platform creates an online marketplace giving access to both suppliers and transporters to generate new business, accurate load planning, well-coordinated distribution and traceability in the supply chain.

As an entry point, the Arlax focal point is presenting below market rate transportation costs, in order to initiate a sustainable relationship focused on cost savings, time saving and process efficiency. In the longer term, Arlax allows for volume-driven pricing, passing on the benefits of these volumes to both supplier and transporter.

For suppliers

Arlax promises to provide vetted, insured and premium quality transporters to assist with digitising the supply chain. The marketplace enables access to a growing network of over 1,500 reliable vehicles prepared for advanced load planning, accurate information sharing, higher levels of production, and overall substantial cost and time savings.

Arlax is the point of communication that enables well-coordinated distribution, traceable transport and administrative simplicity. As for payment simplicity, Arlax will consolidate your entire 30-day distribution into one conclusive invoice to ensure one purchase order, to a Level 1 BEE contributor, to empower simplicity and efficiency overall.

For transporters

Arlax is the transporter sales and marketing specialist, aimed at providing new business to maximise the transporters comfortable available capacity. The ability to access high volume, credible suppliers enables the ability to significantly reduce empty return trips and idle trucks. Arlax is committed to offering consistent and regular loads, on time payment and developing solid working relationships to sustain value-driven communication.

Arlax aspires to create favourable conditions for both supplier and transporter in order to warrant the presence of technology in the marketplace, whilst maintaining interpersonal relationships with local partners, amongst global markets.



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