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Brambles receive overall A rating from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s circularity assessment tool

Circulytics is the first assessment tool that enables individual businesses to accurately measure their readiness and overall performance with regards to the circular economy and Brambles is a top performer

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s (EMF) circularity assessment tool – Circulytics - was launched in January of this year and has been promoted as “the most comprehensive circularity measurement tool available”. Brambles, a company recognised as a benchmark in the operation of circular models and a key contributor to the development and testing of the tool, is delighted to have received notification that it has achieved an overall A rating.

Circulytics moves beyond measuring material flows alone; it gives clear insights into all circular operations, flags up areas for immediate improvement, and highlights opportunities for strategic innovation. Fundamentally, the tool helps highlight the benefits of reusing materials in a circular model versus conventional linear business models. The measuring system is broken down into what are called “enablers” and “outcomes”.

The former consists of elements of the company itself, such as strategy, people, systems and processes, innovation, and external engagement with clients and suppliers. Brambles, which operates as CHEP in Sub-Saharan Africa, consistently achieved full scores across all themes in this category.

The circular economy seeks to cut out waste and pollution and keep products and materials in use, whilst regenerating natural systems. With a circular ‘share and re-use’ model for its 330 million delivery assets, Brambles was enabling the circular economy long before it became an essential strategy for addressing the waste crisis for both corporates and policymakers – and in a sector where linearity is still the dominant operating model. This core business model and the advanced asset tracking, recovery, and IT systems developed and deployed by Brambles allowed the company to score so well.

Jarkko Havas, Lead of Data and Metrics at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation commended Brambles on their excellent score and added, “Brambles has been active in the development phase of Circulytics and we are glad to see the company is now finding value from the use of Circulytics. Brambles is taking active steps in transitioning to a circular economy and already showing excellent progress, which we hope to see continue through Circulytics going forward.”.

Brambles also scored highly in the “outcomes” section of the assessment tool, which relates to inputs (in the form of materials and energy) and how the outputs in the forms of products or services contribute to the circular economy. Their focus on sustainable sourcing drew the attention of the assessment team, whilst also flagging up development areas for Brambles’ future strategy.

Herman Haupt, vice-president of CHEP Sub-Saharan Africa, welcomed the participation in Circulytics, which as well as allowing assessment for both the circularity of production flows and the value chain of the company as a whole, provides feedback in the form of tailored insights and commentary from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. “The power of this tool goes well beyond us; we encourage other organisations to use Circulytics to guide their circular journey. We can also use it within our Zero Waste World Programme collaborations to design our way forward and measure our progress”, he says.

Haupt went on to conclude, “The world and specifically supply chain activities are in urgent need of circularity. Our participation in Circulytics is not driven by the sole desire to gain recognition for that which we have already achieved. The beauty of this tool lies in its capacity to further encourage and support our desire to become ever more circular in our operating model.

This excellent result reinforces our ambition to further increase the proportion of our energy coming from renewable sources. Whilst we are proud of our share-and-reuse model and our current levels of sustainable sourcing, one of our overriding goals as a circular company is to further pursue a regeneration strategy for natural systems that can be affected by our operating footprint”.



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