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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is becoming less of a buzzword and more of a reality. This makes the potential of IoT to autonomously monitor and provide information that is accessible from anywhere, make decisions and even take actions an increasingly exciting one. But it’s not just creating a stir in tech circles.

The combination of advanced sensors, IoT technology and connectivity unleashes the real power of data. Increased efficiencies, enhanced productivity, reduced costs along with optimised resource usage and advanced fault elimination are just a few of the benefits this combination brings to the protection and service of business and communities. It’s plainly an idea whose time has come, with the potential to revolutionise every aspect of our existence – from our homes and cities, to industry, commerce and the agriculture sector.

A significant barrier to widespread implementation of this technology in the past has been the high cost of data acquisition, transfer and storage. This has meant that the benefit of 24/7 monitoring has largely been confined to high value assets using established telemetry and telematics technologies.

Recent advances have changed things. Today’s Industry 4.0 communications networks have helped bring down the barriers to full-scale application of IoT with reduced sensor costs and dramatically enhanced battery life. Nowadays, a sensor costing under R500 can run for up to 10 years on a small battery.

Icemeter’s advanced range of self-contained sensors is ideal for the remote monitoring, measurement and detection of key functionality and outputs in all environments. Backed with a full suite of capabilities, the Icemeter range provides comprehensive, scalable solutions that deliver enormous value. These solutions include project planning and management, big data analytics and reporting, sensor design and manufacture and a world-class network.

Icemeter Pulse Water Meter

Icemeter’s Pulse Water Meter will alert you to both water leaks and over-usage as well as ensure that water billing to your complex (whether residential, commercial or industrial) is fully recovered from all individual users. Simply install Icemeter Pulse Water Meter onto all existing individual water meters and the main complex water supply meter, link each Icemeter to the RTS Icekloud app on your phone and you have IoT technology at your fingertips.

Once you have set up your individual Icemeter Pulse Water Meter parameters on the app, you can be alerted on each Icemeter’s water flow rates, any absence of water flow and whether the water flow is outside of your acceptable parameters (indicating possible leaks or over-usage).

Icemeter Geyser Protect

Icemeter’s Geyser Protect will alert you if your geyser overflows enabling you to switch off the water supply to your geyser before the geyser bursts. Install Icemeter Geyser Protect on your geyser drip tray, set up your alert parameters on the Icekloud app and be confident that should any water overflow from your geyser into the geyser drip tray, you will be alerted to a potential geyser burst.

The Icemeter range has been developed and designed to bring the true potential of IoT to life for any business requirement.



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