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Five Benefits of Android POS Devices

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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology across all facets of life – and cashless payment is one which has become a necessity in the promotion of a low-touch environment.

In the UK, lockdown led to a 60% fall in ATM withdrawals, with 75% of people in a Link survey suggesting they were using less cash, and 54% using it altogether. Although the banked landscape in South Africa is very different, contactless payments are being enabled via mobile devices and electronic vouchers – and not all these transactions need to happen online.

The new generation of Android Point of Sale (POS) terminals help merchants accept contactless payments by incorporating a number of technologies – and play an important role in minimising a potential viral vector in the form of hand-to-hand cash transactions.

South African payment system enablers Dashpay’s technology platforms are adaptable and compatible with electronic point of sales devices and state of the art switching and processing capabilities. At the forefront of the Dashpay payment solution offering is a suite of Android-based devices from global leaders Ingenico and the world’s second-largest provider of POS devices, Newland Payment Technology.

Easy to keep Sanitised

While contactless payments are experiencing exponential growth worldwide, there’s still a need to handle terminals – which means that they need to be regularly sanitised to help minimise the chances of them becoming virus transmission points.

Dashpay can provide Android-based terminals with glass touchscreens instead of the more traditional keypad systems. The glass screens are easier to clean as they have fewer crevices than keypad-based terminals, and there’s also less chance of moisture damage if they are cleaned and sanitised in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Ingenico recommends using a soft cloth with a small amount of soapy water to clean the outside of the terminal and avoiding aerosol sprays.

Widespread Application Availability

With hundreds of millions of mobile devices around the world run on the Android operating system, there are also millions of available applications available. Android’s popularity and versatility as a platform for commercial applications are widely recognised, with many developers producing an array of complex applications that enable merchants to manage not only their sales but also other elements of their business operations.

Ingenico has developed and continues to develop strong one-to-one relationships with carefully selected partners in electronic cash registers and EPOS to provide specific applications for users of its POS products. By combining their cutting-edge technology with the developers’ expertise, Ingenico is opening up a world of payment and business application development opportunities.

The prevalence of Android-based mobile phone devices also means training staff is simple since people are familiar with the way the Android application universe functions because of their daily interactions with their smartphones.

More than a Terminal

As well as offering a host of integrated payment acceptance solutions, an Android terminal can offer additional streamlined operational functions including staff management, bookings, stock management, and loyalty schemes, in one integrated hub.

The benefits for scale are significant, giving small merchants the opportunity to compete on a level field with retailers with larger budgets and infrastructure capability.

Loyalty schemes are a great example of the flexibility of Android-based terminals – rather than issuing cards to customers, downloading and integrating an app from the Android universe can recognise customers by their payment card and automatically apply rewards, helping the merchant build a closer relationship with regular customers.

From a banking perspective, Android terminals satisfy both a bank’s desire to reduce the total cost of ownership of the hardware supplied to retailers and to improve the stickiness of those retailers. Thanks to Android terminals’ versatility, a single product can replace multiple devices and services in-store, reducing the total cost of ownership, offering superior service, and building long-term relationships. By developing or promoting dedicated applications for merchants, they can also build loyalty.

Security and Peace of Mind

There has been huge progress in Android security in the last few years – and the additional security offered by the Ingenico software helps guarantee peace of mind because, while, the platform is open, the payment side is not. The two environments are distinct and segregated and all payment-related aspects are secured by a firewall with dedicated connection layers.

Unprecedented Business Insights

With all the additional capabilities of an Android terminal, comes an enormous wealth of data. Analysing this data can help a business uncover additional information about its customers that help it make better decisions, driving loyalty and revenue.



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