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Hygienic hand basin sanitation solutions for every occasion

With the country moving into Lockdown Level 2 the need for everyone to follow good hygiene practices is more important than ever with the President appealing to South Africans to adhere to wearing their mask, maintaining social distancing, and washing their hands.

Remaining safe and guarding against a second peak will be key to the country moving forward.

In this regard, the practice of washing our hands cannot be emphasised enough. It is a habit that has also seen a massive reduction in cases of flu this winter in the country.

Hygiene solutions should always be in place, especially in places where there is high human contact. Pioneer Plastics hygiene solutions include their range of handwash stations suitable for any occasion or sector.


Throughout the lockdown period, some parts of the retail sector have been operating as an essential service and in lockdown level 3 most retail sectors opened.

“Our products are used in all retail spaces from FMCG stores to clothing and furniture outlets as well as garage forecourts. What makes our products so especially useful in environments such as retail where many people enter a store, is the foot pump removing the need for contact with the basin,” says Gary Wiid, Marketing Director for Pioneer Plastics.

Pioneer Hand Wash Stations’ offerings start with a simple standalone sanitiser dispenser and include a Kiddie Hand Wash Basin and hand wash basin tanks of 20l, 40l, and 90l and a 300l station with a standalone basin.

The range is extremely easy to operate. “A foot pump allows for simple, hygienic water flow activation. After applying soap, it is recommended you wash your hands for 20 seconds. Compress the foot pump to use water to remove the soap from your hands,” explains Wiid.

The washbasin tanks have a clean and dirty water tank and are easy to clean and fill. The 300l station has a removable water caddy. It allows for three washing stations.

“It is important that hygiene solutions are in place at all times, and we are pleased that we are able to help South African businesses make their customers feel safe through our range of hygiene solutions and accessories,” says Wiid



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