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Low carbon leaders team up to launch revolutionary new voltage optimisation equipment

It is estimated that 400,000 UK sites would benefit from voltage optimisation – and one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of the technology is has launched an innovative new approach to help businesses save even more.

It is now South Africa’s opportunity to save!

iVolt has taken the industry by storm by introducing a unique VO unit which is capable of monitoring, in real time, the energy and carbon savings a property is making. Part of the global Sollatek group, the pioneering company is already helping supermarket giants, hotel and restaurant chains, factories, railways and schools save hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in electricity bills as well as reducing carbon emissions by typically 12-20%.

Its equipment works by monitoring a building’s incoming power supply and lowering and stabilising it to a steady 220V (+/- 1.5%) – the level at which electrical equipment works best to deliver reductions in energy consumption of up to 20%.

Its variable system not only saves up to 30% more than fixed rate voltage optimisers, but by automatically compensating for fluctuations in the power supply it also prevents brownouts and protects equipment – reducing the need for maintenance and servicing in the long run and producing further savings.

The system has been nominated for a number of green awards and live demonstrations of its integrated Intelligent Real Time (IRT). This patented system enables energy and facility managers to track the savings the iVolt unit is producing at any given time, via a remotely controlled device.

It is also capable of adjusting the power supply from afar, either to increase or decrease the voltage without disrupting business.

iVolt founder, Manhal Allos, explained the IRT device is what sets the iVolt apart from its competitors. He believes the product, which is tailored to new buildings and also features the monitor will be an equal hit. “Voltage optimisations is an energy saving solution that works; it saves money, protects equipment and it reduces carbon output.

However, in this economic climate no one wants to invest in a technology based on the theoretical savings it might bring – they need to be able to see what they are actually saving to justify the initial cap-ex, and that is where the iVolt comes in,” said Manhal.

“A lot of companies offering VO equipment require several months to demonstrate savings and even then, these amounts are calculated through assumptions of usage, footfall, weather and other regression modelling methods.

The problem with this is there are too many variables; it is technically impossible to prove that voltage optimisation has saved X% when energy consumption can be affected by so many factors.”

“The IRT system is a dependable method of calculating savings. It works by adjusting the voltage output to compare energy consumption with and without optimization, over a defined period. It then compares the consumption levels and can identify the energy savings being delivered. The data the IRT Energy Monitor provides is a key tool and it is the only accurate way to report savings in an instant that are directly attributable to VO. “

iVolt is part of the global Sollatek group which was founded in the UK in 1983. It has since grown rapidly, with offices in 14 countries and an active distribution network in 24 more. Its products are sold in more than 70 countries and it has manufactured and installed some 440,000 voltage stabilisers/regulators in major infrastructure projects.

The group’s impressive list of blue-chip clients includes Siemens, Phillips Medical, Vodafone, MTN, National Grid and Balfour Beatty. Built to ISO9001 standards, production of the iVolt takes place at the company’s facility near Heathrow Airport. www.sollatek.com T: +441753214500 T: +27117881614 enquiries: nick.allen@sollatek.co.za.



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