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Making WhatsApp Business API work for you

Erin Steenhoff-Snethlage

With consumers and businesses looking for more and more convenience in their everyday lives, more and more applications and platforms are being created to streamline inconvenient and time heavy processes.

WhatsApp Business API is one of them, developed to engage with consumers in a way they have come to expect and love. It has made that leap from the consumer realm into becoming a tool for businesses to speak to and connect with their customers in a secure, easy and feature-rich way. ChatBack, a license renewal provider is one of those enterprises that has embraced this channel, enabled by technology partner Infobip to add value and improve the overall experience for its customers.

Infobip, a global cloud communication company for businesses, and a leader in omnichannel connected customer experience has enabled WhatsApp Business API for ChatFin, a leading fintech company who recently introduced its latest brand and platform - ChatBack. The platform simplifies consumers' everyday tasks by providing rich content customer dialogue over WhatsApp delivering the underlying capability for the launch of ChatBack’s easy and hassle-free service for South African’s to renew their vehicle licenses.

“The idea came from a combination of experience with product and services technology and understanding that this new trend of third-party chat, and WhatsApp in particular, is a big factor inconvenience and will make people's lives easier,” explains ChatFin CEO Jan Kotzé.

ChatBack allows users to message a WhatsApp number, submit their registration number, make a secure payment, submit a copy of their driver’s license or ID and proof of residence to renew their car license. ChatFin partners with companies that physically queue in line for the renewal of the license and deliver it directly to the user’s home or work address. “This makes what is usually a time consuming and inconvenient process simple and hassle-free,” illustrates Infobip Senior Sales Manager for South Africa Andre Joubert.

Making Business API work for fleets

Companies with fleets, ranging from small to large, can use ChatBack to renew licenses for their vehicles. “By using the fleets@chatback.co.za email address, companies can renew their licenses in a similar way to private consumers,” says Kotzé. There are a few more complexities when it comes to fleet license renewal, such as the use of proxy IDs. These are factors that Infobip and Chatfin have taken into consideration when designed the platform.

Further, Infobip assists corporate companies to engage with their clients via their cloud communications platform using different channels such as SMS, chat apps, email, and Web RTC, allowing them to make customer interactions easier or even streamline certain processes. Infobip is able to customise a WhatsApp to suit a client or offer them services depending on their needs.

“The services we [Infobip] offer as a digital communications company is, we offer the technology, the platform as a service, and the hosting of WhatsApp API. We also ensure that the service is up and running 24/7,” explains Joubert.

Joubert explains that if Infobip and Chatfin already have an existing platform that can be used by a logistics company, they will offer it to them with some personalisation such as adding their logos and so on. If the platform or service does not yet exist, Infobip will partner with Chatfin to create a platform that suits the client’s needs. “By working together, we are able to offer clients to best services for their needs,” avers Joubert.

For example, WhatsApp can be used for deliveries to locations where there are no fixed street names or addresses. “All a company needs to do is send a location pin to the logistics company, allowing for more accurate deliveries,” explains Joubert. WhatsApp Business API can also be used to streamline invoices, debit and credit notes, easing the burden of admin processes.

“ChatBack is an amazing platform that takes the stress out of a time-consuming process,” states Kotzé. “And as the use of WhatsApp Business API continues to grow, we will continue to work on new solutions that will help streamline a range of processes,” he concludes.



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