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Mega Packaging has your packaging needs covered

South African packaging manufacturer and distributor Mega Packaging has over 4 800 lines of products, ensuring that they are able to meet the needs of any of their customers. They have five branches across South Africa, with nationwide branches in Johannesburg, Klerksdorp, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

Mega Packaging focus on service and offering their customers the most convenient and stress-free experience possible. With over 240 employees and 26 delivery vehicles, Mega Packaging promises delivery within at least 48 hours, if not sooner.

Further, their experienced reps can assist with any customers needs and offer advice on product lines for customers specific needs. This is especially relevant for new customers who might be overwhelmed by the large range of products they offer.

Mega Packaging offers a wide variety of products from paper products such as paper bags, corrugated cardboard boxes and serviettes; plastic products such as bags, domes, lids, and cutlery. Mega Packaging also offers styrene containers, takeaway cups and lids, foil containers, and lids.

In addition, Mega Packaging offers hygiene products, labels and till rolls, different sauces and spices as well as catering equipment.

Going Green

Considering increasing consumer demand for greener products, Mega Packaging has also launched the new Green Zone on their website. This is a range of products that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. This includes paper products that are easily recyclable as well as biodegradable straws and other products.

Keeping their commitment to offering their customers the best possible service, Mega Packaging spends a lot of time researching all their products, and any new ‘green’ product that becomes available to ensure that they are more environmentally friendly or biodegradable. Mega Packaging is committed to making sure their customers receive the best possible products at the most affordable prices.

For more information, visit Mega Packaging’s website: www.megapackaging.co.za



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