• Shaun Bateman

Mpact Versapak: Responds to urgent market need with face shield

Mpact Versapak has once again proved its innovative customer-centric approach to business by developing and prototyping a new face shield in a matter of days.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mpact Versapak team moved quickly to address a pressing need for face shields to help reduce the spread of the disease.

“We at Mpact Versapak pride ourselves in anticipating and quickly responding to customer needs through product innovation and development”, reports Rian Swart, National Sales Manager. “In this critical time, this is another way we can do our part in fighting this pandemic.”

This business approach puts Mpact Versapak at the forefront of their industry for innovation and prototyping. The face shield, produced from PET and PP, both fully recyclable materials, can be used in applications where full facial coverage is required and the facial area needs to be protected from mucous, splashes, sprays and spatter.

The 280mm length, ‘one size fits all’ shield is also suitable for applications where the face needs to be protected from moving particles such as light debris. It is suitable to use with safety goggles, spectacles, over facemasks and respiratory mouthpieces. Its lightweight and durable design also make it comfortable to adjust and wear. Although easy to clean and re-use, the visor may be used as a disposable unit in certain applications such as frontline healthcare workers.

The Mpact Versapak face shield is available in packs of 200 units, visors, and headbands packed separately. The visor can also be purchased separately from the headband, in order to ensure that the user always has access to clear undamaged and uncontaminated shield.



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