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New Door Pilot app from dormakaba facilitates doorset operation

With the new dormakaba Door Pilot, automated doors can also now be operated on the basis of the most advanced of remote-control technologies. The system, comprising the Door Pilot app for smartphones and a Wi-Fi interface for the door sets in the form of the Door Pilot Stick, constitutes the first step towards the integration of automatic doors within the IoT world (IoT = Internet of Things). While previously, manual program switches were predominantly used for door control, now users can operate their automatic doors with greater ease from their phones using the Door Pilot system.

With the Door Pilot app, the operating mode of the automatic door – such as Off, Permanent Open and Automatic Open/Close, can be preset and then initiated by means of an opening signal sent from the smartphone, thus rendering the installation and use of additional program switches or separate radio remote controls unnecessary.

A further function in the form of a health check is also integrated into the app, with the help of which users can themselves readily determine the status of the door set and its systems to significantly increase operational reliability.

The status information is centrally stored, thus also allowing the achievement of significantly better system optimisation. A prerequisite for usage of the Door Pilot app is that the automatic door be equipped with the Door Pilot Stick which provides the necessary Wi-Fi interface. In new systems, the Door Pilot Stick can be provided as part of the initial installation.

However, a large number of dormakaba swing and sliding door operators can also be retrofitted with this system and thus significantly upgraded on the basis of this new technology.

Data transmission between the automatic door and the smartphone is fast and encrypted on the basis of the current, standard battery-saving wireless technology for smartphones, which means that Door Pilot can be used with a large number of devices based on iOS and Android. With this system that utilises existing, safe and secure telecommunication infrastructure, operators are able to control their automatic doors and check their functional status both simply and inexpensively.



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