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As the Covid-19 pandemic sweeps across South Africa, it is essential to understand that new trends are emerging and people across all levels of society are experiencing anxiety. One unmissable theme is ubiquitous, which is that in a time defined as abnormal, people value stability and familiarity.

There are some things that remain timeless in their appeal, one of which is the beautiful retail spaces in which people love spending time together. Now more than ever, it is important to provide people with consistency and serve them in a trustworthy way.

Malls provide safe and convenient places for people to come together. Since the beginning of time, civilizations have built structures that enable people to gather together as communities, enjoy spending time with one another, and share a sense of connection. Whether it is young people hanging out in trendy food courts, older people window shopping, or business meetings being had, malls provide endless opportunities for enjoyment.

People create umpteen memories in restaurants, as food is the cornerstone of so much collective interaction. Humans are social by nature, and people will always need spaces, such as malls, to enjoy recreational time in the presence of other people.

At Retail Network Services, we are passionate about creating the third spaces in which people love to interact, and the way we do this ensures that our malls will stand the test of time. We also know how to effectively implement social distancing and hygiene requirements so that our retail spaces will stay the safe haven that they are for shoppers.

Malls provide not only a space to gather as a community, satisfying an innate need, but also a window to the world in which your eyes can feast on anything your heart desires. Whether you choose to take it home or not, the joy of possibility lies in each moment a shopper sees something of beauty or aspiration. The places in which we choose to spend time also provide positive affirmation for our choices in life.

We know that the physical environment and atmosphere in shopping centres have a major impact on people’s emotional states, which increases their chances of returning. The visual pleasure they experience, the sense of fulfilment they get from gratifying activities, and the various retail offerings cause them to spend a longer time there. This is why we create spaces in which people of all ages and backgrounds can de-stress, derive maximum benefit on all levels, and experience sheer delight by just being in that environment.

As different trends and concerns influence people’s behaviour, we at Retail Network Services will find innovative solutions to address these and help keep you at the front of the race in the post COVID era. We look forward to unveiling the new spaces we are busy developing with expertise and prowess that will set new trends in the near future.

We also know that while the national lockdown is necessary, people are feeling cooped up, and can’t wait to return to their favourite spaces. We are excited to experience the sense of celebration that we believe South Africans are going to feel when they get to revisit their regular malls and they begin to feel whole again.

Familiarity is a part of healing. This is why we believe there is value in encouraging people to talk about what they miss about their malls on social media with the hashtag #Imissmymall. Let’s remind each other that our beloved stomping grounds have not disappeared. By acknowledging how close to their hearts their favourite malls are, we will encourage shoppers to look forward to being back in these wonderful spaces. We hope that you are already thinking of new ways to surprise and delight your customers. They can’t wait to see you!



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