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Slick coding for primary packaging

The X30 is perfect for primary coding

In today’s manufacturing environment, the latest equipment with its cutting-edge features ensures seamless production and fast turnaround times. For end-of-line packaging operations, efficient coding and labelling equipment is essential – no code means no product.

Paramount to ensuring a slick end-of-line packaging operation is choosing the right equipment for the job. Pyrotec PackMark provides a vast portfolio of world-class, locally supplied coding equipment for every category of packaging, including primary, secondary and tertiary coding and labelling applications.

Primary coding is applied to the layer of packaging that comes into direct contact with the product, protecting it while it’s stored and transported. It’s also the consumer-facing component that’s seen at point of purchase.

For high-quality printing on primary packaging, the SmartDate X30 from Markem-Imaje – locally available from Pyrotec PackMark offers the fastest print and acceleration/deceleration speeds. The X30 also offers multiple ribbon saving features.

A wide array of approved high-quality thermal transfer ribbons is available for both flat and near edge printheads.

For the food sector, the SmartDate X30 excels for coding on to flow wrappers, bags, tray seals, pouches, sachets, vacuum packs and labels.

The SmartDate X30’s main benefits include:

· Robust build, compact solution

This is a robust, extremely compact in size (20cm x 17cm x 18cm) one-box solution that is easily installed on your line or integrated by OEMs. It’s the ideal coder for low to medium speed production lines printing on flexible film.

· Increased uptime, reduced expenses

The X30 requires no plant air to be installed. This reduces costs while print quality remain constant year after year.

· Automatic set-up – no human intervention needed

Ribbons and printhead are automatically recognised and adjusted to code just minutes after you start the printer.

· Dead-dot detection eliminates faulty codes

Thanks for distinctive printhead monitoring, the X30 achieves constant quality codes.



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