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Sustainable JNSD line pays off – Tetra Pak wins "IFU 2019 Innovation Award"

"In 2011, we realised that something could be done differently in the Juice-Nectar-Still Drink (JNSD) industry and decided to focus on how to make juice production more sustainable. To achieve that we needed to find innovative solutions which save energy and water", says Maria Norlin, Subcategory Manager JNSD & Other Beverages.

This was the start of a long-term project to develop a low-energy JNSD line. Traditionally, we pasteurise the full volume (juice concentrate + water), where the most energy-intensive process step is heat treatment. In the new line, we pasteurise the smallest possible volume, the concentrate. The rest which is water is treated separately with more cost-effective aseptic technologies such as filtration and UV light.

From left Maria Schlaffer – IFU Marketing Director, Kees Cools – IFU Vice President and Doehler board member, Maria Norlin – Subcategory Manager JNSD & Other Beverages Tetra Pak, Hans-Jurgen Hofsommer – Founder GfL laboratory and past Chair of the IFU Methods of Analysis Commission and awarded the IFU Significant Contribution Award and John Collins- IFU Executive Director.

On October 1st, this ground-breaking initiative was recognised by International Fruit and Vegetable juice Association, as Tetra Pak was honoured with the "IFU 2019 Innovation Award" at the annual Juice Summit in Antwerp, Belgium.

Maria Norlin who represented Tetra Pak along with several colleagues said "The success of the project is a result of team effort, with many dedicated people at Tetra Pak involved in this project for a number of years.

From the very beginning we believed it must be possible to develop a more sustainable solution and at the same time guarantee food safety. We have challenged ourselves to set really ambitious goals to rethink and redesign the traditional JNSD line"

Besides decreasing water consumption by 50%, the new low-energy JNSD line also lowers the energy consumption by 67%. "Today there are no competing alternatives on the market, so it will be exciting to be able to offer this attractive product and line to customers. Right now, we are moving from pilot to industrialisation and aim to launch during Q2 next year," concludes Maria.



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