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The end of “Lockdown” doesn’t mean that it’s back to business as usual

By Howard Feldman, Head of Marketing & People at Synthesis

One of the more unnerving aspects of COVID-19 is the uncertainty that it carries in its destructive wake. Aside from the immediate health concerns, economic impact, and job security worries, there is little clarity on when the crises will have passed and when life will resume. There is further, little doubt that the world before the pandemic will not look in any way the same as the world following it. How different it will appear, and in which ways it will have shifted remain some of the more significant questions.

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted every aspect of our lives. From the smallest gesture of a greeting to the macroeconomic policies, nothing has been untouched by this microscopic enemy.

How long will it take us to shake hands again? Will our children ever resume full-time school, or will education become a hybrid of online and physical instruction? Will, we ever again treat an international flight like an inter-city bus, and when will we return to a full-time office environment, with dedicated desks and photographs of younger, happy families? What percentage of remote workers will re-join the morning commute, and will living-room concerts become the norm?

Business leaders more than ever, carry the immense responsibility of plotting the way forward, with little experience and little precedent. Whereas financial cycles, overheated markets, and factors of supply and demand might have been the tried and tested equations of the past, they now find themselves completely without reference and forced to consider factors and changes that a few short months ago would have seemed impossible and even fantastical.

We know that with change comes opportunity. Businesses need to be able to identify what those opportunities might be. More than they need to be equipped with the tools to transform their environment to one that has the agility to not simply survive, but to thrive in the new reality.

The Synthesis Symposium is taking place on April 28th, 2020. In a jampacked two hours, it will seek to address these challenges. Renowned COVID-19 expert, Pulmonologist Anton Meyberg will update the status in South Africa, Managing Director of Synthesis, Michael Shapiro will outline the future of commerce in South Africa, while other members of the panel will provide insight into critical tools required to forge a brave new world.



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