• Shaun Bateman

Working from home, but did you switch off the lights at the office?

If your office building is in lockdown because your staff is working remotely from home, did you remember to turn off the lights? ASP Fire CEO Michael van Niekerk advises office and building managers to ensure that all non-critical electrical equipment and DBs are switched off during this period in order to mitigate against any potential problems that could result in a fire in an empty office or building.

Fortunately, the fire engineering department at ASP Fire has worked in a ‘virtual’ office environment since its inception, with all five fire engineer team members currently busy with a number of projects. “We are open for business and have teams out providing essential services in support of our clients. We are available to assist anyone who might need assistance during the lockdown period,” van Niekerk highlights.

The regulations from the Department of Cooperative and Government Affairs outlining the essential services that are allowed to continue working during South Africa’s 21-day coronavirus lockdown include disaster management, fire prevention, firefighting, and emergency services.

For risk-management professionals, the coronavirus pandemic has prompted myriad concerns about seeking out practical solutions on the hoof in a fast-moving global crisis. According to the Fire Industry Association of the US, a fire-industry professional will know best when service and maintenance work should be performed over a set period of time to comply with fire safety regulations but must be aware of protective protocols when seeking on-site access for contract work during this period.

ASP Fire operates across the entire African continent from its Gauteng base, providing professional, accredited fire risk management and support to its diverse client base. The company designs install and maintains a full range of fire detection and suppression equipment for specific requirements. ASP Fire provides holistic, proactive and preventative fire solutions based on integrated fire risk assessment, training and consulting.



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